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JSC "Group of Companies" Russian Milk "

JSC "Group of Companies" Russian Milk "is the largest holding company for milk processing and dairy production in the territory of the Ural region.
In 2017 the Group of Companies unites
Of Enterprises
Average daily enterprises recycle
Ton of raw milk
in winter
Ton of raw milk
in summer
Output of finished products
is more
per day
Number of employees
The company has its own raw material base of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor "The Breeding Plant" Russia "with a high-yield dairy herd more than 1800 units.
In February 2015, the production of pelmeni was launched.


Natural tasty and healthy dairy products in the best traditions of quality are represented in various price segments of the Ural, Central and Volga federal districts, the Republic of Kazakhstan and China. More than 310 names of dairy products are produced on modern equipment according to traditional recipes in the best traditions of quality!
Since 2016, a food safety management system with HACCP principles
has been implemented at all sites.
One of the developing areas of activity is the production of high quality milk cheeses.
Young Italian mozzarella cheeses TM "il Primo Gusto" (in translation from the Italian language - the first taste) are produced in the form of small balls Ciliegine and pigtails Treccia. A group of Caucasian cheeses are presented with soft cheeses Adyge and Suluguni TM "First Taste".
the composition of the group of companies includes an ice cream factory with an annual turnover more than 1800 tons. The assortment includes more than 60 items.
The 20% fat filling, from natural milk and butter according to the classic recipe TM "First Vkus" is presented not only in Russia, but also in China, where JSC "GC" ROSMOL "exports its products.
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